Z-Man Fishing Products
Z-Man Fishing Products

Z-Man has long been one of the world’s leading lure component creators and creators of boat skirting. Their lures and other products are best-selling and top-of-the-line.

The Challenge

Z-Man Fishing products sought to utilize compelling messaging and innovative marketing strategies to raise awareness and drive sales for their game-changing technology and products, as well as stand apart from the competition.

The Solution

The content solution revolved around the creation of an online-only episodic reality series dubbed Project Z, the first of its kind in the fishing world. Entertaining, informative content was distributed with laser precision to fishing enthusiasts via leading industry websites and social media platforms.

After launching Project Z in 2014, Z-Man’s brand awareness and sales skyrocketed. Peg-space and leading big box retailers such as Bass Pro Shops, Dicks, and Cabela’s were up and sales of their flagship plastic product, ElaZtech, doubled. Z-Man even created the Project Z line of premium baits, capitalizing on the strength of the new brand. The numbers speak for themselves. In the fourth season of Project Z, the program generated 3,198 hours of trackable viewing and brand engagement time, more than 100,000 high-engagement views of more than 30 seconds, and nearly 1.3 million total video ad impressions over an 8-week time frame. In a tip of the hat to OutdoorFlics, we’re proud to note that Project Z season two was nominated as a top 10 finalist for best-branded web series in Video Inc’s VMX Award.