We are OneHum.

We connect people and brands to create powerful, lasting experiences.

How and where your story can be told will never stop changing. In less than a century, we've gone from barn roofs to radio serials to broadcast to countless social platforms. Now, a metaverse is coming. But the elements of your story; the truths about your brand; the promises your customers' loyalty is built upon; those don't change.

So how do you create a full-service agency for any marketing need?

Today, there's only one way to do that—You build it around those constants that are immune to change. Because telling a story across a new platform is as easy as finding a specialist. But telling the right story, in any environment, that takes a dedicated team who knows your brand intimately.

That's OneHum.

Hence the name. For us, it's not a question of jazz, classical, rock, pop, or bluegrass. It's knowing and loving the song, not the instrument used to play it. OneHum is our reminder to always work together and play the melody anywhere we're asked.

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