TRECA Digital Academy
TRECA Digital Academy

TRECA Digital Academy is an online k-12 school for the state of Ohio. TRECA offers an alternative solution for students who have special needs, need a customized school schedule, or simply want more freedom in their school day. By offering a robust technology package to every student, TRECA is able to stay engaged with their students through online study chats, iPhone apps, and more.

The Challenge

TRECA offers many technology options through their k-12 curriculum and wanted to maintain a technologically advanced persona in their marketing. They understood that their target audience (students) responded best through social media and digital marketing, so they needed a solution that allowed them to communicate their message through those mediums.

The Solution

OneHum developed a Web Engagement Strategy (WES) specifically for TRECA that would keep their message in front of both prospective students and parents. The components included in this monthly plan are social media – Facebook and Twitter, SEO, landing page development, autoresponders, and PR.

Based on demographic research on Facebook and Twitter, we split the TRECA message to market more heavily to parents on Facebook and students on Twitter. We analyzed TRECA’s keywords and altered TRECA’s content on a monthly basis to drive more traffic to their website via SEO. We also worked with TRECA to launch a PR program for a new technology offering – an iPhone 4 to all TRECA students. This included developing a media contact list, crafting an engaging release, and deploying it to all media contacts. We rounded out this campaign with a targeted landing page centered on capturing leads through a contact form and an autoresponder that followed up with each lead. Through these combined efforts, TRECA noticed a 25% increase per month in enrollments and inquiries.