Piedmont Hospital
Piedmont Hospital

Piedmont Healthcare is a leader in healthcare in the state of Georgia. They continue to fuel Georgia’s growth through safe, high-quality care close to home. They are a private, not-for-profit organization that for centuries has lived up to their purpose to make a positive difference in every life they touch in the communities they serve.

The Challenge

With a workforce of more than 37,000 people, providing recognition for those that go above and beyond was challenging. Piedmont Healthcare wanted to celebrate the frontline workers and first responders throughout their 1,400 locations, so they worked with OneHum to find a solution.

The Solution

Working together, we helped them create their First Friday Heroes initiative. Every month, they select a first responder who is in the field making a difference every day. They send the chosen hero’s story and photo to us and we create high-quality, personalized banners that are displayed throughout Piedmont facilities all over the state of Georgia. Now, they’re 37,000 employees are greeted with a monthly reminder of how their hard work is appreciated and celebrated.