Holywatr began as a solo act in LA in 2020. Holy’s sound drew from electronic, RnB, alternative rock, and metal and quickly garnered him fame in the underground music scene with millions of aggregate plays between his music and videos. Holywatr has since evolved into a musical group with Ice, Turbo, and Holy. The group is currently working on their debut album, “Psalms.”

The Challenge

As the name of both the band and their debut album suggests, Holywatr is embracing “holy” iconography throughout their image. Looking for a way to advertise their music in a manner that felt true to themselves, they began working with OneHum to craft a product that felt perfectly suited to their image.

The Solution

The name Holywatr says it all. We felt like their branded merch needed to be some type of water bottle. We realized it could add revenue and increase brand awareness if it weren’t a throw-away item. To work, it needed to last. Together, we found the perfect answer –  an aluminum water bottle branded with their logo. Now they’re selling them by the case. What started out as a simple, utilitarian need became the cornerstone of their publicity strategy.