Exmark is the maker of premium, commercial-grade mowers. They are the most preferred brand of mower by landscape professionals. Their mowers are used by thousands of landscapers, landowners, and companies across the nation.

The Challenge

For the past three years, Exmark has focused the majority of their marketing efforts on the homeowner sector. They wanted to reinforce their commitment to the professional market and reassure them that these exceptional machines are designed and built with their needs in mind.

The Solution

We created an anthemic video that celebrates the job professional landscapers do every day. The video tribute celebrates a day in their life by showcasing the obstacles they overcome to keep our lawns, parks, and green spaces beautiful.

We launched a fully integrated campaign at the industry’s largest annual trade show with top landscapers and pros in attendance. The ethos of this anthemic video was translated into their booth graphics, collateral, and more, all the way down to premium window decals to hand out at the show. Email marketing, multi-channel paid advertising, and social media kept the momentum going in the months following the event.