Bloop Frozen Yogurt
Bloop Frozen Yogurt

Bloop Frozen Yogurt is a fast-growing, self-serve yogurt franchise with eight locations across the country. The company’s “Cup 4 A Cup Program” works with the nonprofit Charity: water to provide a cup of clean drinking water to someone in need with every cup of frozen yogurt sold.

The challenge.

The owners of Bloop wanted to build a successful brand that appealed to a broad audience looking for a healthier dessert alternative. The main goal was to identify unsaturated markets and establish a successful franchise. We partnered with them to create everything from the overall brand concept to the store layout, messaging, and ongoing marketing.

The Solution.

We began by conducting market research that determined what areas were underserved and the best and most unique way to run the business. The group developed the franchise’s basic concept of a fun, healthy, and unique treat. The tagline “serving up fun” encapsulated the essence of what the owners wanted to accomplish – a family-friendly, healthy dessert alternative for the whole family. The website was developed with family in mind. Not only does it tell Bloop’s story, it also encourages customers to create and submit new flavors, promotes weekly updates, shows the locations, and even provides interactive games for children to enjoy. OneHum was also intimately involved with the stores’ design and layout and worked hard to create a clean, inviting, and unique space that enticed customers. A large indicator of the brand’s success was the change in common vernacular. Customers tell us they go out for “Bloop,” as opposed to “frozen yogurt.”