Building Relationships Through Promotional Products

August 25, 2023

Promotional products are customized products that can increase brand impressions exponentially! Anything you’ve branded for clients or customers is a promotional product. But there are a few things to know about promotional products and what makes them the most effective.

  1. They need to be useful to the recipient to be valued and appreciated. They’ve got to be high-quality. You want to offer your clients and customers something that they’re going to love and will want to keep around for years to come.
  2. You should tailor them to your clients, employees, or customers so they feel recognized and appreciated on a more personal level. This helps create a deeper relationship and helps to promote a better working environment for your employees.
  3. Of course, you want your logo and brand associated with quality products that will make a positive and lasting impression. But your promotional campaign should reflect the ethos of your brand. Using high-end design and engaging storytelling that integrates well with the promotion item adds another dimension to your program.

Why Should My Company Order Promotional Products?

Promotional products help strengthen connections and appreciation for your brand with clients, customers, and employees. A 2023 ASI case study found that “promo products influence behavior and the likelihood of consumers to do business with the advertiser.” The products you select reflect your company, and that means you have the ability to directly impact the value that customers and clients feel your company brings to them. They help your company to stay at the top of everyone’s minds – an extremely difficult task in the world today.

Promotional products aren’t just great for connection though, they’re also great for business. They offer high ROIs, making them well worth the time and investment. The 2023 ASI case study found that consumers of all demographics prefer tangible, promotional products over any other form of advertising. Promo products can make a big difference in your reach!

Promotional Products and Employees

Promotional products are a fantastic way to boost company morale! It lets your employees feel more supported and appreciated. When giving promotional products to employees, you want to focus on the added value. Consider something like a personalized mug or a beautiful fountain pen. The product should be one that makes your employee feel valued.

Consider what it would be like for a new employee to receive a care package with company-branded products. It immediately makes them feel appreciated and welcomed into the company, and they’ve got wonderful, and useful, products like pens and mugs to use in their new space.

Picking the Best Promo Products for Your Audience

When you’re selecting what promo products to use, the first thing you should consider is how the product adds value. Think of the product as a gift, not just an item. It’s the sort of thing you want them to hold onto for years to come.

When you’re creating a promo product that’s representative of your brand, you want to first ask what product is going to represent your brand and be useful for those receiving it. You’ll want to consider what sort of message a pen versus a t-shirt versus a tumbler sends to your audience.

Why You Need OneHum

OneHum doesn’t just offer incredible, high-quality promotional products. We’re a full-service marketing agency. When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated team through every step in the process starting from concept to copy to creation to completed promotional product.

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