5 Top SEO Tips for Better Writing

January 9, 2023

If we’re being honest, we all know that SEO is a challenge. It can feel bulky and just out of place with the stories we’re trying to tell and the points we’re trying to get across. But no matter how we feel about SEO, we all know how important it is, and how unavoidable it is. So, how do you work with SEO without letting it overtake what you write? How do you create SEO content that consumers want to read? These five SEO tips will get you started optimizing your content and enhancing your conversion rate.

1. Tell a Story

First and foremost, you want to tell a story when you write. If you’re not telling a story, you’re not writing something that consumers want to read. SEO keywords shouldn’t keep you from doing that. You have to make them work for you.
SEO is like attempting to piece together a puzzle, but all of the pieces are the same color and there are no corners – you’ve just got to figure out how to make it happen with what you’re given.

2. Carefully Place Your Keywords

Keywords are, obviously, crucial to SEO. But you don’t want your keywords to be so packed in that consumers think a robot wrote your copy. And yet? They’ve still got to be all over your writing.
The most important thing to remember when you’re writing is that there are more natural spots to place your keywords than you think, you’ve just got to keep an eye out for them. You don’t want to overwhelm the reader, but you do want the search engine crawlers happy when they visit the site.

3. Remember Readability is Key

Readability is crucial to the SEO process. Write what you’d like to read, even if that means breaking up your keywords. Consumer shouldn’t get bogged down with keyword-heavy articles that they don’t enjoy reading or lose the plot of.
An essential part of readability is empathy. Feeling in writing is such a powerful tool. Engaging your consumers by making them feel something ensures they’re enthralled and involved in what you’re giving them.

4. Make Your Headers Sing

Your headers are a super important part of your writing. When you think about it, the headers are what grab the consumer’s eye. Because of that, they need to be well-written, concise, and, you guessed it, SEO-friendly.
Think of ways you can divide your writing into easier-to-read bites. From there, you can determine what brief headers can be used to pack a punch.

5. Keep it Evergreen

It’s likely you’re very familiar with this word and what it means, but, just in case; it means your content should be good forever. Your writing should be the sort of storytelling that can be used and reused on your site. The goal is to make your copy as reusable as possible.

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